Fool for Love

by Mick Shaffer

Released 2012
Released 2012
Plaintive, rootsy-rock short stories of lovers, buggers, & thieves. Funny. Raw. Honest. Music to & from the heart.
SF Examiner calls Mick "a phenomenal bottle-neck blues guitarist" and he's been described "if Johnny Cash had been born as Joe Strummer!"
With a love of all things Clash, Cash, Costello, and Cooder (as well as lots and lots of other artists whose names begin with the rest of the alphabet...) this thing was recorded completely in glorious 16-track analog TAPE! Recorded, mixed, and produced at Baby Buck Studios, Oakland, CA by the colossal Danny Allen (who also plays buckin' bass, thinking man's percussion, killer guitar, and divine hand-claps)!! Also playing their little hearts out: Mattie Macgillivray on drums, Lu Monday on harp, Brandon Essex on stand-up bass, John Kuntz on mandolin, Sue Sandlin (The Stairwell Sisters) on vocals, and Keith Crossan (the Tommy Castro Band) on sax. Mastered by John Would at Stanley Recordings, Echo Park, CA.

Words & music to all songs: MS; except “They Rode” words and music by Mary Elizabeth Beckman (recorded and performed with the kind permission of the Beckman Family).

Arrangements for all songs by MS and Danny Allen.

Who plays what when:

Fool For Love- MS: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, lap slide; Danny Allen: backing vocals, bass, percussion; Mattie Macgillivray: drums. Three Shades of Red- MS: all vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, handclaps; Danny Allen: bass, handclaps; Luther Monday: harp; Mattie Macgillivray: drums. Chicken Shed Roof (Smokin’ Drum Blues)- MS: all vocals, National steel guitar, electric guitar, patroner; Danny Allen: banjo, bass, kick drum. Glass Half Full- MS: National steel guitar; Luther Monday: harp; John Kuntz: mandolin. My Thoughts: MS: all vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Danny Allen: lead guitar, bass; Mattie Macgillivray: drums. Tough Old Bird- MS: all vocals, National steel guitar, electric slide guitar; Danny Allen: kick drum, tambourine; Brandon Essex: bowed stand-up bass. I Still- MS: vocals, acoustic guitars; Danny Allen: banjo, bass, floor tom; Sue Sandlin: backing vocals. Wild Love- MS: vocals, acoustic guitars, handclaps; Danny Allen: electric slide guitar, bass, handclaps; John Kuntz: mandolin; Mattie Macgillivray: drums. They Rode- MS: vocals, National steel guitar. Bullies: MS: all vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Danny Allen: “stab” guitar, baritone slide guitar, bass, floor tom, trashcan lid; Marty Shaffer: Pearl. Stranger- MS: vocals, electric guitars; Danny Allen: backing vocals, percussion; Brandon Essex: stand-up bass; Mattie Macgillivray: drums; Keith Crossen: soulful saxes.

Gracias to these all-around cool folks: Laura Jean Allen, Jimmy Bruno, Cliff Eberhardt, Randy Clark, Ned Evett, Gary & Breta Lavon, Greg and Barbara O'Donnell, Steph and Jurg Zuger, Mark & Mike Vulcano, Les & the gang at Bazaar Café, SF, Tris Buckley and Kanoa Blodgett at the Rockit Room, SF, Kc Turner and the Red Devil Lounge, SF, Denise LeBeau, Sandy Prend, Leigh Pruneau, Nathan Gill, Martha and John Anderson, Alice LaRocca, KFOG, Micki Cunninghan & Martin & Amanda Domenici, Sean McAllister & Deb Chilvers, Bridget Canfield, Steph & Jurg Zuger, Scooter Stringer, Jason Spain, Chris Mills, Mickey Ryan, Rick Helm, Robin Winslow, the SFO base of Delta Airlines, Michelle Berke, Michael Lydon & Ellen Mandel, Chuck Cornelis & Sharon Breslau, Peter Abbey, Rick Hildreth and my pals at the Noe Valley Farmer’s Market, the Wilson’s: Jess, Katie, Lauren, Oliver, Trevor, & Harrison, and to all the sweethearted folks who come out to the shows! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

To my amazing family for their love, devotion and support: Colleen & Don; Stephen, Julia, & Wyatt; Joel, Caroline, & Norah; and to my Mills family: Charlie, Smoky, Libby, Matt & Robin, and Stacey.

To the talented & soulful musicians who brought it big-time: Danny, Mattie, Luther, John, Brandon, Susie, and Keith.

To Danny Allen; without you there is no this; it’s just a dork and a guitar. As a producer/arranger, thanks for making this baby twirl; as a musician, thanks for showing me how far I have yet to go; & as a friend, thanks for “getting” me. Yer a gem mon frer!

And most of all to my darlin’ Marty. My 3 shades whom I still… You are my heart.

This is for Big Don.